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Mike Chuba

Mike Chuba is a Managing Vice President in the Infrastructure and Operations group within Gartner’s IT Leaders research area. His primary responsibilities include managing the Compute/Server team and research delivery. Mr. Chuba has covered the data center and large-system marketplace for Gartner for the past 34 years, with specific focus on the IBM mainframe market. Mr. Chuba assists clients with their mainframe strategy and mainframe procurements. He has been the chair of Gartner’s U.S. Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference since 1999.

Dave Russell

Dave Russell is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, where his research focus is on storage strategies and technologies, with an emphasis on backup/recovery, snapshot and replication, SSD/flash optimization software, software-defined storage (SDS) and storage management. Mr. Russell covers both distributed and mainframe storage solutions. In addition, he covers the overall storage capabilities and portfolios of many of the industry’s top providers as well as emerging providers, and also focuses on how CIO objectives and priorities cascade down to the I&O and the storage teams. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Russell spent 15 years at IBM in storage product development as a Software Engineer in mainframe storage and as a manager of product development, architecture and strategy teams for distributed systems storage solutions.

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