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Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst based in the United States, where he leads research of the Gartner global theme and research agenda of Digital Business. This includes advancing the research of the theme and managing its delivery throughout Gartner. His target audience is the CIO, with emphasis on how to help the CIO engage the CEO and the board of directors on many issues of concern to business executives, including digital business. He draws on his prior research on board of directors, CEO and CIOs to advise Gartner clients on how best to leverage technology to generate business results. Prior to his current role, Mr. Lopez was chief of research for Industry Research, where he also managed cross-industry and vertical research, including education. He has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry, including various executive roles in marketing and sales, research and development, implementation services, strategic planning, supply chain, and corporate business development. Before joining Gartner, Mr. Lopez was vice president, corporate development and strategic planning for Frontstep, as well as vice president, strategic alliances and Latin America for Avalon Software. He also worked on various assignments at IBM in research and development, marketing and sales, and management.

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