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Brian Prentice | VP Analyst

Brian Prentice has been with Gartner for 13 years and in the IT industry for 30 years. He is a member of The Office of the CIO. Mr. Prentice leads Gartner’s digital humanism research theme. His research is directed toward helping CIOs support customer and employee experience initiatives by transforming the enterprise IT organization into a design center – a strategic capability required for competitive digital businesses. Mr. Prentice works across several research key Initiatives, including people-centered computing, digital business, the digital workplace, emerging trends and technologies, and innovation. Prior to becoming an analyst, Mr. Prentice worked in the IT vendor community for 17 years. This included organizations such as Apple Computer, WordPerfect, Novell, Lotus, IBM, Microsoft and Onyx Software. Mr. Prentice operated in a variety of roles, including product management, partner development and support management, spanning North America and Asia/Pacific. This combination of roles and companies has allowed Mr. Prentice to be directly involved in the advent of some of the most important technological developments of the past two decades, including desktop operating systems, personal productivity software, messaging and collaboration, customer relationship management, and the internet. It has also given him unique insights into the dynamics of the software industry.

Rachel Ratcliffe | Executive Partner

Rachel Ratcliffe is an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs in Canberra. She uses her strong government and digital experience to work with C-suite IT and business leaders to help them navigate the ICT and digital platforms needed to deliver on their business objectives. During her 24 years in ICT, Mrs. Ratcliffe has held executive-level positions in vendor, service delivery, outsourcing and digital organizations. This has culminated in her passion for how technology, change management, culture and digital converge to deliver new opportunities and possibilities. She works with her clients to help them solve problems, identify opportunities and embrace digital through strong leadership, experience and a fundamental understanding of what drives organizational success. Her strong change management background and love of technology and process enable her to make change an exciting and interesting journey.

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