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Ephraim Baron | VP, Team Manager

Ephraim Baron is a vice president, team manager within the CIO Finance, Economic Value, and Risk organization. He applies first-hand experience from over 25 years managing IT organizations to his research and client conversations. Focus areas include: - Business value of IT and running IT as a business - Enterprise modernization spanning design, planning, implementation, operation, and economics - Infrastructure and operations including on-premises, cloud, edge, internet of things (IoT), and colocation market dynamics - FinOps activities including cost tagging, tracking, allocation, and chargeback / showback / shameback, reserved capacity planning, and organizational structure - DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) methods and benefits - Digital marketplaces and procurement, including coordination with sourcing, procurement, and vendor management - IT Portfolio planning, rationalization, and optimization - IT Key Metrics data by focus area, industry, and component - Cloud and IT economics, including pricing strategies, SaaS migration, spend optimization, and FinOps - Economic timing and impact of emerging technologies Mr. Baron has also held the positions of CIO, head of marketing, head of product, and senior strategist at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. Ephraim brings wide range of IT and financial experience, with a strong focus on applying technology to address business challenges and opportunities. He holds three engineering degrees as well as an MBA.

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