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Janelle B. Hill | Distinguished VP Analyst

Janelle B. Hill is a Chief of Research for Gartner's CIO practice. In this role, she looks across the non-industry, CIO research agendas to insure they are client centric, relevant and integrated. As a Distinguished Vice President, her research focus is on transitioning to digital business at scale. This includes upgrading or even redesigning enterprise business operations to support the digital ambition and strategy. She also contributes to our research on operating models for the internal IT function to increase IT's value contribution to the business. A key focus is enabling strategic engagement between the CIO's team and business stakeholders. Many clients want to shift from IT as "order-taker" to "strategic partner." Ms. Hill primarily works with the CIO and the IT leadership team, as well as with business executives on their digital initiatives. She regularly speaks with CEOs, COOs, Chief Digital Officers. She leads interactive workshops, presents at conferences, writes extensively and is often quoted in business and IT journals on digital business transformation and the CIO's role in business transformation.

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