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Nadine LeBlanc | Research Director

Nadine LeBlanc is a Director in Gartner Research part of the CRM and Customer Experience team. She focuses on customer strategies and technologies with an emphasis on customer service and emerging engagement channels. She specializes in supporting the journey to enterprisewide CRM from roadmap to implementation including vendor selection for customer engagement center. Mrs. LeBlanc contributes to Midsize Enterprise (MSE) research tailored to the unique challenges of CRM in midsize enterprises and nonprofit organizations. She also explores the use of blockchain for customer applications as a member of Gartner’s blockchain Center of Excellence. Mrs. LeBlanc has 20 years of experience in the IT industry including 10 years serving the healthcare industry delivering actionable business strategies, technical roadmaps and impactful implementations. Prior to joining Gartner, she held portfolio architecture, technical lead and engineering positions at Ventana Medical Systems and Genentech. She also served as a CRM consultant leading several enterprise implementations and deployments for multiple industries.

Tamara McCleary

The real key to digital transformation is not the data, apps or machines; it’s the people. In the end, companies are trying to build a better customer experience, but renowned social influencer and customer relationship expert Tamara McCleary says too often we miss the mark because we forget to focus on the customer – the people. Ms. McCleary joins us at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to dive into how we truly can achieve digital success by focusing on the customer, how to put the social back into social media – and why that’s vital for any organization – and technology and marketing must come together to transform the enterprise.

Gene Alvarez | Distinguished VP Analyst

Gene Alvarez leads Gartner’s research on commerce that comes to you, commerce customer experience, digital commerce/e-commerce vision, strategy, business models, digital commerce/e-commerce technologies, including topics such as platforms, cloud, SaaS, and open source commerce technologies, social commerce, conversational commerce, mobile commerce. Mr. Alvarez also helps client with their customer experience, CRM organizational vision and strategy. He has spoken at many international events. He has over 30 years of business and IT experience. He was named one of 2016’s Top 100 most influential IT leaders by The Hispanic IT Executive Council and in 2011 “HE&IT TOP 200” Award â Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology Magazine Top 200 Influential Hispanics in Technology. Mr. Alvarez led business impact assessments, vendor management, project management, software development and delivery of complex business applications. He is an international expert on sell-side strategies and technologies, such as e-commerce and m-commerce sales applications, CRM, context-aware computing, channel/partner relationship management, catalog/content management, catalog/configuration management and presentation, commerce/merchant applications and services, web content management, personalization, and consumer portals. He is a recognized authority on retail and consumer packaged goods industry applications and practices. He has spoken at many industry-related conferences worldwide and has been published/referenced/featured in various media and trade publications. Prior to joining Gartner, he held positions with Nine West Group, KPMG Peat Marwick, New York Power Authority and AT&T Communications.

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