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Mark Atwood

Mark Atwood's experience includes more than 26 years of work that spans research, consulting, product development, strategy and operations, product and online marketing, and business development. He also brings an IT end user's perspective to his role, having worked as an applications programmer for six years. Mr. Atwood is a Managing Vice President within Gartner's Supply Chain Research organization. Mr. Atwood is the Team Manager for the Industries Research and Programs team, and he guides the agenda and content strategy and execution for Gartner's supply chain coverage specific to the healthcare provider, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, retail, high-tech and industrial manufacturing sectors. His team also provides program management support for Gartner Supply Chain's data-intensive research capabilities, including the Global and Healthcare Top 25, Gartner Supply Chainnovators, Hierarchy of Metrics Benchmarking, and DDVN Self-Assessments. Mr. Atwood also plays a lead role in Gartner Supply Chain's content promotion activities, serving as the Research lead on Supply Chain's Sales Roundtable, webinar and social media efforts.

Earl Perkins

Earl Perkins is a Managing Vice President in the Transformational Security team at Gartner. Mr. Perkins manages the team which is responsible for Cloud security, cyber-physical systems security, cyber crime, next-generation virtualization security and security awareness and behaviors.

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