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Rob O'Donohue | VP Analyst

Rob O'Donohue is a Vice President Analyst in Gartner's Executive Leadership Research Group focusing on Leadership, Culture, Talent, and DEI. Here, he advises Executives on the Future of Work, hybrid work design, culture change, solving talent challenges, advancing leadership effectiveness, how to create of high performing teams, and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization. Rob creates evidence-based actionable research to empower Executive Leaders lead more effectively. Rob is the research lead on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Executive Leaders. Rob also runs workshops and client briefings covering Future of Work concepts, overcoming talent challenges, culture, leadership, how to avoid common DEI mistakes, and coaching effectiveness. Rob holds is a certified Executive Coaching with the ICF and uses his experience to help executives to think differently and challenge their own assumptions about work.

Emily Strother | Director, Team Manager

Emily Strother is a Director, Team Manager with Gartner's Human Resources Practice. In this role, she manages associates who support HR executives in the areas of HR technology, talent analytics, organizational design and change management, and recruiting.

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