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Dion Love

Dion Love is an Advisor at Gartner, where he curates and hosts the firm’s global executive retreat series on insights for Fortune 1000 talent acquisition executives. He also leads quarterly online dialogues with recruiting executives on emerging issues affecting talent demand and supply. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and facilitates executive team off-sites on labor market intelligence and analytics, and employment marketing. Mr. Love was a Senior Advisor to the Australian government and client companies on U.S. market entry and business development. His primary role was helping clients develop go-to-market strategies, focused primarily on identifying local (U.S.) market partners. His role also included macro-level market analysis for the the Australian government, in support of bi-lateral trade policy initiatives, including the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement and Iraq reconstruction.

Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson is a Principal Executive Advisor with CEB now Gartner, where she heads up executive education offerings for Chief HR Officers in the HR Practice. Ms. Johnson has ongoing responsibility for creating and presenting insights at global executive meetings and managing the HR Practice’s webinar series serving CHROs and their direct reports. Ms. Johnson began her career with CEB’s Financial Services division in 1992. In 1993, she moved to the United Kingdom where she co-founded and managed CEB’s European operations for four years. Since moving back to the US in 1997, she has worked exclusively with the HR team and has been a leader of every research team (Leadership, Engagement, Performance Management, HR Business Partners, Succession Management, Diversity, Millennials, Change, HIPO, Culture and more) for over 20 years. In 2018, she is a co-leader of the HR practice’s digitalization research series. Ms. Johnson has led over 800 national and international meetings for HR executives and hosted more than 1000 webinars. She is also a keynote speaker at many company and industry conferences and for our annual HR Summits.

Valerie Streets

Valerie Streets is a senior principal for Quantitative Analytics and Data Science research at Gartner, where she manages projects supporting heads of Customer Service. This research helps Service executives benchmark current strategy, advance their approaches to key priorities, and stay ahead of important trends in the field.

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