Product Introduction

Get insights to succeed in bringing a product to market

Start things off right with a proper product introduction

Product introduction is a critical step in commercializing a product. The product team prepares the developed product offering to be sold and marketed while also planning beyond the release stage to ensure the product's commercial feasibility. Steps like communicating the product value and pricing and packaging are critical at this point. Poor product introduction can result in the failure of otherwise well-managed products.

Product introduction: Prepare and introduce products for commercial success

Discover how to leverage product and customer data and insights to more strongly inform go-to-market decisions and influence actions by marketing, sales and partners.

Product Introduction Primer for 2022

Product introduction is the set of cross-functional activities to prepare, launch and sell a product. Due to Agile and continuous delivery, the timing and scope of product and services introductions have become more complex.

Gartner surveys show how almost 50% of technology and service providers had a recent product launch delayed or canceled due to COVID-19.

Product launch shifts to digital and virtual events have accelerated and will remain a permanent approach. Significant shifts to virtual marketing and buying strategies will impact the way product launches will be conducted.

Use this initiative to prepare and introduce products for commercial success. 

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