Product Marketing Impact

Find insights to extend marketing effectiveness beyond generating leads

How marketing can drive business value farther and wider

Successful technology product marketers deliver business value beyond lead generation. From leading account-based (ABM) programs to enabling sales reps and partners and driving customer retention and growth, product marketers can have a significant impact on the organization. Gartner helps you maximize the value marketing provides to your business.

Expand your view of product marketing 

Technology product marketers should go beyond messaging and content creation and take an active role in driving value throughout the buying and owning cycle, helping to improve win rates, deal sizes and customer retention/growth.

Product Marketing Impact Primer for 2019

Finding potential technology buyers and effectively communicating value has long been the primary focus for product marketing. However, changing buying dynamics have made this goal increasingly challenging. Buyers are in control, harder to reach and more discerning in their selection process. Further, subscription models have made it easy for customers to switch to alternatives after they’ve purchased.

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