Product Marketing Leadership

Gain insights to make the right marketing investments

Investing in a modern high-tech marketing organization

Gartner research has found that marketing spend is highly correlated to program success. But not all spending is equal. TSPs need to invest in the right mix of staff, programs and technology. And as more TSPs adopt agile marketing initiatives, improving hiring, org design and stakeholder alignment becomes even more critical.

Apply a critical eye toward marketing priorities 

Look closely at budgeting and spending, org design, tech investments, metrics and processes. Optimization in all of these areas is critical to maximize marketing performance.

Product Marketing Leadership Primer for 2019

Exceptional technology product marketing leaders drive business results by excelling in all facets of leadership — do you? Proficient product marketing leadership is essential to drive business results. With the growing volume of demands and outcomes at stake, technology product marketers must ensure that they are optimally allocating the resources at their disposal.

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