Product Promotion and Awareness

Discover insights to drive conversion rates and increase reach

A balanced marketing mix is essential to demand generation success

Gartner research finds that increasing the number of channels and CTAs used in demand generation programs increases conversion rates across the buying cycle. Gartner helps you understand how much other TSPs are spending on demand generation, and what channels, CTAs and content types work across roles and buying stages to help you increase conversion rates and reach.

Invest across the buying cycle

Best-in-class demand gen programs are focused beyond the top of the funnel. Invest in a robust mix of channels to drive engagement and leverage a wide range of CTAs and content types to reach different roles at different buying stages.

Product Promotion and Awareness Primer for 2019

Are you engaging buyers to keep their attention and accelerate opportunities through your marketing funnel? It is not uncommon for technology providers to struggle to balance creating awareness and generating the demand necessary to build the pipeline for the portfolio against the expectations for individual products.

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