Peer Connect

Real-world advice from your peers

Exclusively for Gartner clients

Gartner Peer Connect is the world’s most influential network of business leaders — exclusively for Gartner end-user clients, with no sales or marketing. Tap into a community of your peers to discuss key issues and to inform your critical business decisions.

How we address your top challenges

Facilitated by Gartner to ensure there’s no advertising or sales spin, Peer Connect offers you the wide industry expertise of 80,000 members representing 30+ industries and 85 countries. Invaluable forums, polls, curated peer content, templates and exclusive analyst expert events provide the tools you need to excel as a leader.

Save time

Why reinvent the wheel? Our online community gives you 24/7 access to practical insights from knowledgeable peers, subject matter experts, and Gartner experts and analysts to apply to your own scenario.

Avoid risk

Get the full story from someone who has walked in your shoes to help you steer clear of common mistakes and validate your decisions.

Expand your vision

Experienced and influential peers act as an extension of your team to test your thinking, share ideas, solve problems and drive innovation.

Peer Connect makes you realize you are not alone, everyone has the same issues. It is wonderful when they can help you, and even more so when you can help them.

John Sheehan

IT Transformation Manager, Shop Direct Group