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Challenger Sales & Marketing Solutions help drive growth amid complexity

We help leading companies adopt the Challenger™ model leading companies adopt the Challenger model to build seller skills, support managers, improve organizational capabilities and drive growth in a complex sales environment. 

How we address your top challenges

Your organization continues to demand unprecedented growth, and your customers keep demanding more. Which means there’s never been a better time to learn how leading sales and marketing teams are using a new and different approach to manage and win in today’s complex selling environment.

You and your customers need Challengers

In two best-selling books, “The Challenger Sale” and “The Challenger Customer,” our groundbreaking research and insights reveal that sales reps fall into one of five profiles, but only one consistently outperforms the rest — the Challenger. Challengers are defined by three key capabilities. They teach customers something new and valuable, tailor their messages based on customers’ desired outcomes and take control in sales conversations to create constructive tension.

Why is the Challenger model different?

While training can be helpful, research shows that sales professionals forget 87% of what they learned within 30 days. Training is typically treated as an event and not as an opportunity to build capabilities to sustain a competitive advantage. The engagement of leaders and managers following any training event is critical to sustaining a change effort.

Build and advance Challenger skills

Challenger Development Program™

Challenger Development Program is designed to develop high-performing sellers, better known as Challengers. It is not a training event, but rather seller development that supports the organization’s change in commercial strategy. The program uses best practices in sales, and learning and development, to embed Challenger skills and behaviors in your company in a sustainable way.

Sales Manager Development Program

Sales Manager Development Program is designed to help sales managers drive consistent Challenger skills and behaviors. To increase success in complex deals, the program uses techniques to overcome obstacles and manage stakeholders.

Challenger Activation

Challenger Activation is a technology-driven set of sales and marketing tools, combined with dedicated consulting support, to guide Challenger implementation in your organization. The program is designed to arm your sellers with the foundational skills and sales approach needed to bring commercial insight to their next customer meeting and achieve greater commercial outcomes.

Create value for customers through commercial insight

Challenger Messaging provides resources and support, from driving a deep conceptual understanding of commercial insight, to building commercial insights for your organization, to actually embedding the insight creation capabilities necessary to scale and sustain your messaging strategy.

Hire future top performers

Challenger Selection defines your organization's high-performance profile, determines the profile of individual candidates and their propensity to be Challengers, and enables you to hire those sellers most likely to succeed. The assessment benchmarks your sales team's competencies against your peers to improve your candidate targeting and increase the prevalence of Challengers relative to the competition.

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