Driving Growth With Existing Accounts

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A new-to-role chief revenue officer (CRO) recognized that the company she had joined was not growing as quickly or efficiently as it could. The account management team was prioritizing retention over growth, and the organization was missing out on key opportunities for cross-sell and upsell within existing accounts. The CRO turned to Gartner to reorganize and refocus her sales team on growth.

Mission-critical priority

The Chief Revenue Officer needed to focus on restructuring her sales team to drive strategic growth while maintaining retention with existing clients.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts facilitated a discussion among a cross-functional team of sales, marketing and service executives in the client’s organization. Gartner presented the group with research and case studies to showcase best practices for driving account growth through customer improvement. This exercise helped to drive organizational alignment around building a plan to restructure account teams and to focus on growth as a primary job responsibility.

Business impact

With Gartner for Sales Leaders, the client improved her existing account management approach based on Gartner’s research and best practices on designing sales coverage and sales territories; redefined the roles and responsibilities of sales, service and solutions within their existing account team to better support current and prospective clients; drove strategic growth while maintaining retention; and enjoyed a 20% increase in revenue year over year.

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner Expert and Client Services Team

​One of my favorite resources through the Gartner relationship is the in-person meetings for leadership groups. Getting to be in a room with 20-30 of my peers, listening to the research, and then talking that through with other individuals who are going through similar challenges is really valuable to me.

Heather Combs

Chief Revenue Officer, 3Pillar Global

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