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Dec 10, 2021   Upcoming
... important;">By 2025, cloud computing will be pervasive. Cloud will drive not only technological innovation, but also serve as the foundation for business innovation. This complimentary webinar will help IT and business leaders develop cloud strategies while mapping out cloud’s evolutionary course for ...

Analyst(s):   Milind Govekar

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Nov 2021
... for support and operations of public cloud managed services, sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders must proactively address risks to the organization by leveraging Gartner’s best practices in SOW elements, service levels, terms and conditions, and cloud economics. Overview Introduction Analysis ...

Analyst(s):   Tobi Bet   |   Mark Ray   |   DD Mishra

December 6 - 8
... bimodal from a strategy perspective. Lead the transformation Understand the impact of cloud and edge services. Learn how cloud can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Discover the latest cloud computing technologies and trends that will enable digital business. 150 characters: Lorem ...

April 22 2011
... me to see. As a research analyst that covers cloud computing, I have a vested interested in the success and viability of the cloud. Amazon is a major bellwether for the cloud. They've set direction, driven innovation, and challenged status quo. Cloud providers everywhere either try to emulate Amazon ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

April 27 2011
... last July in San Diego, I attended as a client.  During the conference I heard my now close colleague and mentor, Drue Reeves say on stage that the "cloud IaaS market was the telco's market to lose".  He had a lot of rationale and evidence for this position but I did not think about it too much at the time ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf
Smarter with Gartner
July 19 2021
... Future-proofs” cloud adoption Governance Establishes cloud adoption policies  Helps manage cloud-related ...
November 18 2021
... software deployed in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments to serverless cloud platform-as-a- ...
August 17 2021
... value of cloud cannot be realized without a fit-for-purpose cloud strategy that aligns cloud investment ...

July 21 2011
... from the public cloud is not for the faint of heart. Yet organizations have compelling arguments for VM to cloud (IaaS) mobility. A market is emerging around cloud brokers and orchestrators, but it is very immature. What are the key aspects when considering moving VMs to or from IaaS cloud providers, or ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

April 11 2012
... I recently took a customer phone dialog regarding key differentiators in a public cloud IaaS offering.  The customer wanted to discuss differentiators among services that are not commonly considered.  The customer had already considered differences among scalability, geographic offerings, VM ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

April 16 2012
... wrote a short blog on some not-so-common differentiators among public cloud IaaS providers. This week, Gartner published a large corresponding research project that I wanted to highlight. “Evaluation Criteria for Public Cloud IaaS Providers” (Gartner for Technology Professionals subscription required ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

January 29 2015
... this is a perfect marriage for these two providers right now.  In the cloud IaaS or cloud platform feature war, vCloud Air has been noticeably behind, missing foundational cloud-native features such as a scalable object storage service or "pay as you go" (Important Note: vCloud Air Launched OnDemand Access ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

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Jul 2021
... are acquiring an absolute cognizance of adopting cloud IaaS. Far-reaching advantages, extending beyond cost savings, combined with minimum-term commitments act as the drivers promoting migration to the IaaS. Peer Connect members share the benefits of IaaS adoption and success stories. Overview Peer Strategies ...

Analyst(s):   Peer Contributors

May 31 2011
... enterprise cloud computing environments. VMware is the industry behemoth in the data center with the vast market share of server virtualization business.  Their vCloud initiative over the past 2 years has been trying to retain enterprise clients by offering a private, hybrid, and public cloud thread that ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

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Mar 2021
... Public cloud IaaS is occupying a growing share of annual IT spending for organizations. Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for IaaS budgets that are expected to grow must manage costs by harnessing cloud service expense management features to eliminate waste. Gartner Research ...

Analyst(s):   Brandon Medford

Jan 11, 2022   Upcoming
... EST: 10:00 a.m. | GMT: 15:00

Cloud computing continues to be one of the most hyped and confusing terms in the history of IT, transcending the industry as it enters popular culture. The term “cloud” continues to be stretched and overused by a variety of vendors and users. In many ...

Analyst(s):   David Mitchell Smith

August 23 2011
... and evaluate cloud providers. Question #2 The majority response of letter C above reiterates how important evaluating cloud providers is right now.  The majority of participants are planning to start evaluating cloud providers in the next year.  This should be a word of caution for cloud providers to ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

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Apr 2021
... Managing costs is a challenge for organizations using public cloud services but also an opportunity to optimize consumption of IT. This research provides executive leaders with a framework to manage costs of public cloud efficiently. Recommended by the Authors Endnotes Gartner Research ...

Analyst(s):   Infrastructure and Operations Research Team

November 20 2018
... Summary: Gartner is growing and our cloud and infrastructure team in Gartner for Technical Professionals is hiring!  The current focus and needs include networking, backup, DR, availability, hyper converged integrated systems and cloud IaaS.  If you would like to see more details, here are ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

October 23 2012
... marked with another major cloud outage.  Amazon Web Services experienced a single availability zone issue in the US-East-1 region.  As with all major cloud provider outages, I get the opportunity to speak to customers affected by the outage or customers considering broader public cloud adoption. One question ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

August 28 2014
... more similar to the management consoles of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or IBM Softlayer.  And it will also likely go much further and start to compete with popular SaaS-based Cloud Management Brokers like, CSC ServiceMesh, Dell Cloud Manager or Rightscale.  According to customers, VMware is a very ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

August 12 2011
... Gartner IT1 guidance document, “Moving Applications to the Cloud: Finding Your Right Path”, I highlighted a major contributing factor to the failure of VM to cloud mobility being the Internet bottleneck between enterprise data centers and public cloud providers.  In fact, for many large enterprise organizations ...

Analyst(s):   Kyle Hilgendorf

December 04 2021
... application on the public cloud. Mr. Meinardi has background on systems engineering, software development and networking. How should I manage my public cloud resources? What tools should I use? How do I manage and optimize costs in public cloud IaaS? How do I develop a public cloud adoption strategy? How ...