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Aug 2018
... of search marketing: The Growth of Voice Search Marketers need to adapt to how people are using voice search on their mobile phones and virtual personal assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home) to learn about products and services. According to comScore, half of smartphone users engage with voice technology ...

Analyst(s):   Anna Maria Virzi

Feb 2018
... ’s clearly more work to be done. A decade ago, advertisers first posted their advertisements on YouTube in advance of the Big Game, trading the big reveal on game day for social sharing. At the time, that was a big deal. Fast forward to Super Bowl LII. Amazon’s Echo voice assistant played a leading ...

Analyst(s):   Anna Maria Virzi

Mar 2019
... are other techniques in the marketers tool box, such as click to call, and in-store beacons. Developing this level of understanding is not a one and done activity.  Invest the time and effort to learn the insights that are valuable and elusive, because in doing so, you can gain a competitive advantage ...

Analyst(s):   Joseph Enever

May 2018
... include observing behaviors known – or assumed – to correlate with long-term business impact; analyzing conversations, comments and searches related to the brand; and using voice-of-customer tools to assess impact. Examples include: Behavioral metrics - things people do on the brands' own properties such ...

Analyst(s):   Martin Kihn

Press Release
... Symposium/ITxpo, which is taking place here through Thursday. By 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual- and voice-search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30 percent. Voice- and visual-search based queries improve marketers' understanding of consumers' interests ...