Buying Smart Amid COVID-19

A solar panel company’s ocean freight contract was up for renewal. Gartner helped the client take advantage of low oil prices and stable business volumes which weren’t affected by COVID-19 to renegotiate terms with their vendor and save between $190K–$200K. 

Mission-critical priority

The client was looking to renegotiate some of their ocean freight contracts in an effort to optimize and reduce their costs.

How Gartner helped

When the client mentioned the possibility of renegotiating some of their ocean freight contracts, Gartner acted quickly in aligning the appropriate Gartner BuySmart™ resources. Through an expert inquiry, Gartner explained to the client why the timing and current environment of COVID-19 would benefit their position to renegotiate their existing logistics contract for ocean freight and save costs.

Business impact

With Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders, the client: 

  • Leveraged low oil prices to renegotiate ocean rates on bunker fuel.
  • Saved up to $200K on the new terms of their ocean freight contract.

Solar Panels

$ 2.2 Billion


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