Driving the Business Value of the Supply Chain Planning Function

Read how Gartner can help improve understanding of supply chain planning, executive buy-in and integrated business planning.

Mission-critical priority

The Director of Supply Chain Planning at a British education company recognized the business value of segmentation and cost-to-serve, especially when faced with economic headwinds. He turned to Gartner for support to build and deliver his business case to corporate leaders. He credits our support in this area to improving understanding of supply chain planning value among corporate leadership, securing executive buy-in and advancing integrated business planning at the organization.

How Gartner helped

The client used:

  • Research analysis on segmentation and cost-to-serve
  • The Gartner account team, charged with devising and executing on engagement plans mapped to the client’s mission-critical priorities  
  • Executive advisors on supply chain planning to help present the segmentation and cost-to-serve methodology to corporate leaders
  • Integrated business planning insights – specifically off-the-shelf playbooks, guidance to develop the strategy, and review of plan deliverables

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client:

  • Improved understanding of supply chain planning value among corporate leadership, particularly as it relates to developing new business models
  • Secured executive buy-in for investing in segmentation and cost-to-serve
  • Advanced integrated business planning at the organization by providing actionable insights


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