Guiding S&OP Transformation Through Research & Advisory Support

Read how Gartner helped an Australian mining company unlock $500 million in potential value via S&OP transformation. 

Mission-critical priority

An Australian mining company partnered with Gartner for Supply Chain to upgrade sales & operations planning (S&OP). Our best practices, insightful analysis and practical advice helped guide S&OP transformation, which unlocked $500 million in potential value for the firm. 

How Gartner helped

The client used: 

  • Lessons learned from leaders & practitioners in supply chain planning on the topic of customer segmentation.
  • Data-driven research on how to conduct an effective S&OP meeting and what common missteps to avoid.
  • Expert guidance from a dedicated Gartner analyst to reach each milestone in its 9-month transformation project plan.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client: 

  • Unlocked $500 million in potential value from an upgraded S&OP strategy.
  • Restructured the cost framework in order to prioritize the highest-value customers, thereby ensuring effective resource allocation.
  • Better defined roles & responsibilities for S&OP meetings, which helps to break down organizational silos, increase visibility across the enterprise and drive effective decision making.


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