Managing Supply Chain Through DDVN

A large enterprise aerospace and defense manufacturing firm wanted to increase its competitiveness in the U.S. market by investing in “leapfrog” technology. Gartner supported the client assess the state of its supply chain function and helped it develop and implement a strategy to integrate its commercial and supply chain functions to improve decision making, profitability and increase competitiveness. 

Mission-critical priority

The client was focused on investing in “leapfrog” technology to improve its competitiveness in the U.S. market but lacked a clear strategy.

How Gartner helped

Gartner insights and tools such as the demand-driven value network (DDVN) self-assessment toolkit, helped the client assess the maturity of its supply chain function, benchmark its capability in demand management and customer fulfilment. By leveraging the assessment outcome, the client was able to strategize and implement organizational changes that not only improved decision making but also increased profitability and improved the client’s competitive position in its U.S. market.

Business impact

With Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders, the client: 

  • Communicated the relevance of DDVN by identifying obstacles to its goals and objectives
  • Organized broad, cross-functional, cross-regional participation assessment among 36 participants
  • Reduced risk by making strong progress, particularly in one large customer segment 
  • Extended DDVN assessment outcomes to address supplier resiliency factors



$ 27 billion


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