Supply Chain Benchmarking

Benchmarking programs for the manufacturing, retail and IDN industries

How it works

Understand our research and benchmarking best practices. Then complete and submit our supply chain benchmark questionnaire. Analysts will summarize the findings and highlight your company’s performance compared to others in the database for your industry sector.

How we address your top challenges

The Gartner Hierarchy of Supply Chain Metrics has long been regarded as the industry standard for end-to-end supply chain performance measurement. We will assess your supply chain health, compare key metrics and help you better understand interdependencies.

Assess your supply chain health

Your metrics tell a story about the health of your supply chain. That story reveals key business issues and gaps between supply chain performance and management expectations.

Compare your key metrics to peers

We translate the Gartner Hierachy of Supply Chain Metrics into a dynamic benchmark database that enables you to compare your organization against your peer group across 17 key supply chain performance metrics in seven core process areas.

Understand the interdependencies

Unlike other methodologies that compare metrics in isolation, our benchmarking methodology examines the interdependencies between metrics to identify improvement opportunities and better business trade-offs.


We’re ready to help you focus on your end-to-end supply chain performance measurement. Let us know when you’re ready to talk — or if you have any questions — below.
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