Information Technology

Outlook for Security Part 1: Organisational Resilience

| 1 hour

Organisational resilience is a strategic imperative, especially in the wake of the pandemic, the increasing ransomware attacks, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the pace of digital innovation. A resilient organisation rebounds and prospers after a business disruption because it is resistant to the impacts of disruption (through good risk management), as well as adaptive, elastic and sustainable in the face of disruption. This exclusive virtual session will help business, IT and security leaders ensure they are supporting an organisational resilience program with a focus on operational resilience.

  • Rebound, resume and sustain decision making quickly

  • Coordinate, manage and mitigate organisational risks on a continuous basis

  • Embeds resilience into the culture of your organisation

Hosted by

Roberta Witty

VP Analyst

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