Supply Chain

Tips for Buying Quality Management System Software

| 1 hour

Gartner estimates that revenue in the quality management system (QMS) software market grew by 22% in the most recent observation period. This was driven by supply chain disruptions, changing business models, intensifying regulatory environments and a compendium of other factors. As organizations, especially in the manufacturing sector, continue to focus on remote working, digitization and automation of processes, employee safety, business continuity management, and cost optimization, it is important to thoroughly assess the current state of the quality organizations in concert with enterprise-level business objectives. 

This free supply chain webinar will help supply chain and manufacturing leaders navigate the current state of the QMS software market space and offer some initial suggestions to support quality leaders in the software acquisition cycle. Additionally, we will provide a sampling of questions that QMS buyers should ask as part of the acquisition process.

  • Get an overview of the QMS software space, including standard software product features, market segmentation, and current distribution of licensing and hosting options

  • Discover ways that the QMS market space is segmented 

  • Learn how products are packaged, bundled, and marketed, especially for manufacturing

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Sam New

Sr Principal Analyst

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