Increase Sellers’ Motivation, Hunger and Energy to Close More Deals

| 1 hour

Today’s highly variable and challenging sales environment created a prolonged period of stress and uncertainty that wears down even the most naturally motivated seller. A recent Gartner survey of more than 900 sellers reveals that 89% are burned out, and 54% are actively seeking a new job. Yet, even, as economic uncertainty leads to even higher levels of deal variability and unpredictability, chief sales officers must find ways to increase their sellers’ motivation, hunger and energy to drive deals to closure. This complimentary webinar will help sales leaders motivate their sellers in a challenging environment, focusing on an overlooked but impactful force that pulls sellers away from work: drag. We will identify ways to help you reduce drag from your salesforce.

  • Find out how demotivation currently inhibits commercial success 

  • Learn how diagnosing and addressing “drag” can impact quota attainment and attrition 

  • Identify and reduce seller drag

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Hosted by

Alice Walmesley

Director, Advisory

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