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The High Cost of Technology Purchase Regret and What To Do About It

| 1 hour

The modern technology customer has access to more great options and information than ever before, but many regret their purchases. Navigating toward a decision with a myriad of different decision makers and teams involved is a real challenge that frustrates the majority of tech buyers. These frustrations extend to the tech and service providers that these customers are considering as deal cycles drag on and on. But, there are also customers who have mastered buying in this new environment, and make decisions confidently and at a much faster pace than others.

Join this complimentary webinar, a reprise of the keynote presented at the 2022 Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference, which will explore the differences in buying behavior between customers that are likely to regret and those that are not, offer techniques to recognize and predict which type of customer you are dealing with, and offer strategies that reduce regret, shorten deal cycle times, and accelerate growth.

  • Learn the impact that high regret customers put on your business growth

  • Understand the differences in behavior between customers with high regret and those with no regret

  • Develop and action plan to help customers fight against their purchase regret and accelerate your growth

 Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about registering or watching.

Hosted by

Hank Barnes

Distinguished VP Analyst

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