Information Technology

Action Plan for Infrastructure & Supply Chain Challenges for Midsize Enterprise IT Leaders

| 1 hour

Midsize enterprises face unprecedented supply chain challenges when purchasing infrastructure. Lead times can exceed 400 days and prices commonly increase by 30% or more. The average midsize organization already spends 2-3 times more on IT as a percentage of revenue than their large enterprise counterparts. Still, there are things that MSEs can and should do to mitigate these current challenges. This complimentary webinar explores short-term tactics midsize enterprises can deploy to mitigate current IT infrastructure supply chain constraints as well as longer-term strategies for right-sizing their IT investments. 

  • Get short-term actions to mitigate infrastructure lead-time constraints and price increases

  • Find out what infrastructure supply chain challenges loom for 2023

  • Refine IT procurement to right-size midsize-enterprise infrastructure spend

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about registering or watching. 

Hosted by

Mark Fabbi

Distinguished VP Analyst

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