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7 Key Trends That Will Impact Your Strategic Planning (APAC)

| 1 hour

Inflection points and wild cards continually threaten to shake up industries. However, future-fit organisations survive disruption by actively sensing and responding to changes. Still, more than 60% of organisations do not have a formal process for this type of trendspotting, according to a Gartner survey. Executives who are not adequately trendspotting already likely will miss critical inputs to their strategic assumptions and planning. This leaves their organisation exposed to blind spots and risk, limiting their ability to capitalise on these opportunities. This complimentary webinar will help executives across functional areas in APAC scope key trends and disruptions that enable accurate strategic assumptions. Find out how to factor in emerging macro and environmental trends that could impact your organisation’s business models and strategic planning.

  • Identify critical areas of disruption in 7 key areas

  • Get Gartner insights on a range of critical macro and environment trends in APAC

  • Factor key trends into your business models and strategic planning

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Hosted by

Marty Resnick

Research Director


Andy Rowsell-Jones

Distinguished VP Analyst

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