Supply Chain

Prepare Supply Chain to Win in the Turns

| 1 hour

Top athletes spend a lot of time mastering how to “win in the turns”, which is their strategy of taking calculated risks to deliver high returns. Similarly, business executives must prepare to maneuver in strategy-shifting events. Events like economic turns are common, but executives today must prepare for many more unexpected turns, such as catastrophic weather-related events, trade wars, political confrontations or market disruptions. Gartner studied how 60 growth companies separated themselves from peers during the Great Recession, the biggest turn in recent memory. In this complimentary Gartner webinar, we reveal how you can develop your winning in the turns strategy by strengthening three core supply chain pillars: Strategy, Cost and Talent.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Prepare your strategy to act confidently amid uncertainty
  • Implement cost management discipline to allocate and execute resources while spurring innovation
  • Position talent to sustain progress on transformation

Hosted by

Michael Uskert

MVP, Product Management

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