Information Technology

Increasing Business Success in Uncertain Times Using Antifragility

| 1 hour

EST: 10:00 a.m. | GMT: 15:00
Agile approaches are not enough to help businesses and government agencies win during uncertainty and volatility. They focus mainly on development and operations. However, to be truly adaptable, you need to focus on all domains of the enterprise, including strategy, culture, finance, and customer relationships. Similarly, “resilience” thinking is not ambitious enough. You need to look beyond simply surviving to add even more value for your customers and stakeholders in uncertain times. This complimentary webinar provides concrete examples of how antifragility can help you step beyond traditional approaches to become even more valuable in uncertain times.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How antifragility leads to superior business performance
  • The three pillars of antifragility
  • How antifragility plays out for each business domain of business

Hosted by

Dave Aron

Distinguished VP Analyst

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