Supply Chain

2 Ways for Supply Chains to Create a Competitive Advantage Amid Uncertainty

| 1 hour

The battle for future supply chain leadership and competitive advantage will be won by those supply chains that can best adapt their operating models in response to fluid business and customer requirements and an uncertain, volatile business context. This requires an “insight-design-advantage” supply chain design factory that does not manufacture new products, but instead manufactures competitive advantage. This factory transforms insights into new supply chain capabilities. Those leaders who handle structural disruptions that require new supply chain designs — new technologies, business models, geopolitical and social shifts — best improve performance and competitive position. This complimentary webinar highlights best practices that will help your supply chain sense critical shifts first and prepare now to change faster than competitors.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Sense critical structural shifts first through more continual strategic planning and actionable jobs-to-be-done based customer insights
  • How to build operating model modularity, a responsive culture, and flexible funding for investments
  • How Schneider Electric, Samsung and Haier use their supply chains for competitive advantage

Hosted by

Jennifer Loveland

Sr Director Analyst

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