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4 Key Components to HR Transformation Success (APAC)

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Organisations are under continued pressure to manage a highly volatile business environment. This includes rolling out hybrid operating models and addressing increased attention on diversity, equity and inclusion topics. All the while, there is a need to focus on emerging challenges, such as repeated spikes in overall inflation and an increasingly competitive labour market. While HR leaders are expected to help the business define a successful way forward, they recognise that their own strategies and operating models reach their limits, being too unresponsive and ineffective. According to a Gartner survey, 84% of HR functions that have restructured in the past two years, are currently restructuring, or plan to in the next two years. HR leaders need to continue to think about ways to adapt and evolve their own functional strategy, operating model and talent. In this complimentary webinar, we discuss Gartner’s 4 Key Components of HR Transformation that can help you share your strategic value to the business. We also walk through real life examples of what this looks like in action from your peers.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand the four critical components of HR transformation to help you adapt your functional strategy
  • Discover how your peers are evolving their operating model and strategy successfully
  • How you can share the strategic value of your HR transformation to the business

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Rina Ong

Director, Advisory

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