Information Technology

7 Rules for CIOs to Effectively Demonstrate the Business Value of IT (AEST)

| 1 hour

Many CIOs struggle to successfully communicate the business value of their IT programs to business leaders. Communicating this value requires a focus on business outcomes delivered and not IT systems managed or work done. This complimentary Asia-Pacific webinar will explore seven rules that will help CIOs build a more compelling and impactful narrative to communicate the business value of IT. These rules will help CIOs justify IT operating budgets, secure business funding in new projects, and show more strategic alignment to business priorities and objectives.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand how to create a more compelling value of IT narrative
  • Focus your value message to the people and things that matter
  • Discover areas that hold-back most IT value narratives

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Hosted by

Neil Osmond

Distinguished VP, Advisory

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