Adapt Your Sales Onboarding Strategy for Today’s Virtual World

| 1 hour

Sales training leaders have expressed the difficulty of moving from face-to-face to a fully virtual onboarding environment. This struggle will not subside anytime soon as many sales leaders already plan to transition field sellers into virtual sellers, or to create a “hybrid” sales role. Sales training leaders must do more than train sellers on the same information; they must determine what information is suitable for a virtual environment, and then address any gaps (i.e., onboarding into the company culture). This complimentary webinar will help sales training leaders intentionally connect new hires to the organization’s culture, and decrease seller time to increase productivity. This includes simplifying onboarding objectives, adopting an active learning approach, embedding social integration initiatives, and measuring and optimizing virtual onboarding.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Prioritize onboarding activities and choose the right virtual training delivery medium
  • Utilize scenario-based exercises and focus efforts on highly-consumable learning
  • Measure and optimize virtual onboarding by collecting feedback at the right time and place

Hosted by

Elizabeth Beard

Director Analyst

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