Human Resources

Address Workforce Skills Readiness With Talent Insights

| 1 hour

CHROs view talent shortages as one of the top challenges facing their organization, and only 1 in 5 thinks their organization is prepared to address it. Business leaders continue to assume they can buy their way out of the problem, but there are no hidden pockets of talent left for many digital skills. Organizations urgently need to create strategies to build critical skills, but many lack insights on which skills to prioritize and de-emphasize. This complimentary webinar will help HR leaders prioritize the right skills they need to future-proof their workforce, and understand how they can use skills adjacency insights to accelerate skills building..

Discussion Topics:
  • Analyze if you rely too much on legacy skills
  • Determine the growing and new skills for which your workforce must prepare
  • Use skills adjacency insights to accelerate skills building

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Hosted by

Lynne Mayers

VP, Advisory

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