Information Technology

An Adaptive Strategy to Thrive in a Volatile World

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that a lot can change very quickly and that our strategies must be ready to adjust accordingly. Even the most basic assumptions about when, where and how we work have been broken. How do you plan for the future when the foundations of your enterprise have shifted and when further shocks are inevitable? And how do you execute your strategy when the world around you is continually changing? This complimentary webinar will provide CIOs with the practical steps and tools they need to create and execute strategy in a volatile world.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Create a strategy that is resilient to shocks and flexible to deal with uncertainty
  • Adapt your execution to stay on track to deliver the strategy
  • Keep your strategy and execution plans in sync when both change frequently

Hosted by

Ian Cox

Sr Director Analyst

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