Information Technology

CIO Strategy: Manage the Opportunities & Risks of Democratized Business-Led IT

| 1 hour

Outside of formal IT departments, there is an increase in I&T talent and technical capabilities. Untamed and untapped, this can lead to a surge in an uncontrolled technical sprawl. But, the CIOs who are able to provide leadership, direction, and structure for this growing talent pool can utilize it to enhance organizational engagement, reduce risk, and increase enterprise value. This complimentary webinar offers insights and recommended actions for CIOs to tap into the underutilized technical resource of business-led IT, and learn to manage the risks and opportunities of a democratized technology landscape.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand how to manage the increase of technical talent outside of IT
  • Learn how to better control shadow IT in a democratized technological landscape
  • Find ways to support and share accountability of your peers for business-led IT

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about watching.

Hosted by

Darren Topham

Sr Director Analyst

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