Information Technology

Cloud Computing Scenario: The Future of Cloud

| 1 hour

As cloud computing evolves from technology enabler to business disruptor, IT leaders must understand their organization’s business strategy first, and then seek opportunities to leverage new and emerging cloud capabilities to accelerate that strategy. This complimentary webinar explores the main types of developments that Gartner expects will drive the cloud value proposition forward. They are happening in parallel and have interdependencies, but together they make the cloud more relevant for an expanding set of more-business-oriented constituencies within enterprises.

Discussion Topics:
  • Accommodate the next stage of digital transformation by making your company a technology company
  • Make more holistic cloud decisions by engaging constituencies responsible for the new themes cloud will address
  • Revise your approach to view cloud as a fabric on which to compose and recompose adaptive business capabilities

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Hosted by

David Smith

Distinguished VP Analyst

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