Tech and Service Providers

Crossing the New Chasm: The Dynamics of Cross-functional B2B Buying Decisions

| 1 hour

Technology no longer sits under the direction of just IT. The democratization of technology means groups across the business now participate in technology purchasing, renewal and expansion decisions. Small decision teams have become much larger, more diverse and inconsistent from client to client. Often, these teams struggle with confidence and even the fundamentals of effective, collaborative decision making. This creates a new chasm in B2B markets between effective decision makers who view technology strategically and those less skilled and lacking a strategic view.

To re-energize growth, tech and service providers must adapt to how their buyers approach technology decisions. This complimentary webinar explores the drivers of the new B2B buying chasm and strategies to deal with it. We will introduce you to a new psychographic model that refines the one originally introduced in Geoffrey Moore’s classic technology marketing book, “Crossing the Chasm.”

Discussion Topics:
  • The new dynamics of B2B technology buying decisions
  • Tech and service providers’ challenges from the democratization of technology
  • Why psychographics hold the key to understanding your customers

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Hosted by

Hank Barnes

Distinguished VP Analyst

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