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Establish a Strong Culture of Innovation To Meet Your Business Demands

| 1 hour

The ambition to drive innovation is more complex than ever, as companies seek to innovate beyond products into services, ecosystems and business models. Culture often acts as a barrier to innovation, but represents a substantial opportunity to improve innovation performance. Organizational culture comprises the values, beliefs, rules and norms that permeate throughout a company. Unfortunately, cultures are hard to change and tend to do so slowly. However, organizational climates change more easily and quickly. A climate is a group’s shared perceptions of the nature of its work. There are three things that can especially enable stronger innovation climates: Senior Leader Posture; Innovation Operationalization; and Creativity Development. This complimentary webinar will help senior R&D leaders strengthen their innovation climates by consistently modeling the right behavior, and setting and communicating their innovation vision.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Importance of an innovation culture in the current scenario
  • How commonly held beliefs about innovation culture get in the way of our desired outcomes
  • Master the 3 keys of a strong innovation climate

Hosted by

Atul Dighe

VP, Advisory

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