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IT Spend Forecast, 4Q21 Update: Where Next?

| 1 hour

Turn the lessons of the pandemic into new growth for your company in 2022. The pandemic did more than force employees to work from home; it forced companies to step outside of their comfort zones. Companies that had eschewed even the possibility of remote work were forced to embrace it in a matter of weeks. That same willingness to put aside legacy beliefs and practices, and to allow business practices that equip business technologists and fusion teams with innovative technologies, will enable companies to digitally transform their corporate value proposition. This complimentary webinar, led by Gartner Chief Forecaster, John Lovelock, will help CIOs answer a central question for 2022: Where next? We will delve into the latest Gartner IT Spend data to find out why the answer is, “Anywhere, everywhere and beyond.”

Discussion Topics:
  • Discover what Gartner forecasts for IT Spending growth in 2022 and beyond
  • Find out what will be expected from technology partners
  • Determine your new growth opportunities

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Hosted by

John-David Lovelock

Distinguished VP Analyst

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