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Reprioritize Investments To Maximize Self-Service Containment

| 1 hour

Containing customers in self-service provides tremendous cost-savings for service organizations, with self-service averaging just 10 cents per contact compared to $11.00 for assisted service. To take advantage of these savings, customer service and support leaders invest heavily in self-service channels and capabilities, but only 13% of customers remain fully contained within these channels. This complimentary webinar will show customer service and support leaders where to reprioritize their investments to maximize self-service containment. We highlight the three primary failure points in the customer journey that drive assisted-service volume -- external search, site navigation, and self-service capabilities -- and show you how to turn them to your advantage.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Learn the three primary self-service failure points that drive assisted-service contact volume
  • Use search engine optimization and website design to contain more customers in self-service
  • Rethink the digital self-service strategy to account for all three failure points

Hosted by

Andrew Schumacher

Sr Principal, Advisory

Connor Seidenschwarz

Sr Principal, Research

Gamika Takkar

Sr Principal, Research, KI Leader

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