Supply Chain

Rethink Your Future Supply Chain Workforce (AEDT)

| 1 hour

Supply chain organizations are unnecessarily complex, hindering their agility to execute work and preventing workforce responsiveness. Complex work design results in complex skills and competencies, and employees cannot prioritize the most essential work tasks and outcomes. At the same time, most CEOs cite digital capabilities as an area for increased supply chain investment, and they will expect their workforce to be capable of adopting new technologies. Looking toward 2025, supply chain leaders will need to redesign work to be simpler, focus on capabilities that support digitalization, equip managers to support network-driven development, and design learning to be more actionable. This complimentary webinar lays out the foundation for executing this new approach.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Rethink how work is designed to ensure you have all the talent you need for tomorrow
  • Understand the skill sets needed to support more digital workflows in your supply chain
  • Build more effective learning and development programs focused on network-driven experiences

Hosted by

Caroline Chumakov

Sr Principal Analyst

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