Human Resources

The 3 Hybrid Work Challenges Driving Employee Fatigue (AEST)

| 1 hour

The new work environment presents a number of challenges that HR executives must confront to design a hybrid model that works. Confronted with digital distractions, virtual overload and difficulties in disconnecting, employees look to HR leaders to design a model that mitigates the adverse impact of these new hybrid realities. Yet, your current strategies might be exacerbating the negative impacts. This complimentary webinar targets the three key fatigue drivers of hybrid work, and helps HR leaders to boost the productivity and well-being of employees and managers

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Discussion Topics:
  • Determine if your current strategies exacerbate the 3 key employee fatigue drivers
  • Empower employees and managers to co-create new patterns of flexible work
  • Safeguard employees’ mental health and well-being by reducing the risks of overwork

Hosted by

Brent Cassell

VP, Advisory

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