Information Technology

The Importance of a Product Management Mindset in Canadian Government

| 1 hour

A product management approach to government may seem a bit odd, but in fact, it is potentially a great way to deliver more effective solutions and processes to citizens and stakeholders than more traditional approaches. It is less risky, it can be faster and more responsive, it can ensure the solution remains supported as long as it is needed, and it is neither an IT problem nor an IT solution. Sounds pretty good so far? This complimentary webinar looks at how government leaders need to ensure the right leaders own and support the product and the business processes it enables, and why this requires different roles and types of governance than are typically seen in Canadian government organizational charts.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How a product approach applies in government
  • Why to consider a product approach instead traditional project management approaches
  • How leadership and governance will change

Hosted by

John Kost

Distinguished VP Analyst


Chris Rickard

MVP, Industry Lead

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