Information Technology

The Practical Approaches To Combat Public Sector Employee Burnout

| 1 hour

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, we hope that things will “get back to normal” soon. Yet, our employees are tired, and there is relentless pressure to provide more technology solutions for the citizens and our agency partners. Employee well-being is at stake, both emotionally and physically. Leaders need to identify and mitigate the causes of employee burnout in both the short and the long term. Leaders must not forget to take care of themselves, as well. This complimentary webinar provides you with simple, enduring approaches to combat burnout for yourself and your employees.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Know the symptoms/signs of burnout, especially when employees are remote
  • Identify what to adjust in the way work gets done to mitigate burnout
  • Discover strategies to improve your team’s psychological safety

Hosted by

Christie Struckman

VP Analyst

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