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The Proven Storytelling Approach for All Leaders Across the Enterprise

| 1 hour

Effective communication for any organizational leader today comes down to one question: Does your audience trust you as a speaker? It is a question that goes back to Ancient Greece and Aristotle, who laid out a three-part story arc – ethos, logos, pathos – that still stands the test of time. Join this complimentary webinar as Gartner storytelling expert Ed Gabrys reveals why age-old communications rules are just as applicable in today’s hybrid meeting world. Find out how to effectively state your case in a way that will influence any audience, in-person or virtual, and ask Ed your questions about the keys to the indispensable skill of storytelling.

Discussion Topics:
  • Be prepared when your storytelling credibility is challenged
  • Drop the business jargon, and give your audience clear guidance
  • Build empathy and engagement with any audience, whether in person or virtual

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Hosted by

Ed Gabrys

VP Analyst

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