Supply Chain

Supply Chain Leaders, Use Process Mining to Gain Greater Business Visibility

| 1 hour

Process mining helps citizen analysts and business technologists discover how an organization operates and where many avoidable costs get tied up in exceptions. It is essential, including for supply chain leaders, to know what process mining is and how it differs from data mining. Citizen analysts and business technologists also must know how to start an initiative, the use cases for process mining, and how to deliver business value. This complimentary supply chain webinar explores how process mining, or automated process discovery and analysis, creates visibility and understanding. Supply chain leaders will find out how process mining can help to boost efficiency, effectiveness and value to attain targeted business outcomes.

  • Gain visibility into and assess the actual performance of business operations and processes 

  • Better understand the benefits, capabilities and use of process mining 

  • Identify use cases that detect opportunities for digitalization

Return to this web page to watch this webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Marc Kerremans

VP Analyst

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