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The Gartner Top 10 Success Factors & Top 10 Common Mistakes for Automation

| 1 hour

Automation initiatives, especially hyperautomation, continue to proliferate across enterprises. According to a recent Gartner survey, 55% of respondents had at least four simultaneous automation initiatives in progress, with some enterprises pursuing as many as 15 such programs. This automation multi-tasking increases the opportunities for success, but also the chances for failure. Often, best practices and missteps intersect, creating a fine line between success and failure. This complimentary panel discussion brings together Gartner expert Jason Wong, author of the research “The Top 10 Success Factors for Business Automation,” and his Gartner colleague, Laurie Shotton, who wrote “The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes of Automation.” They will take your questions as they reveal the most common mistakes in automation initiatives and the steps you can take to turn those potential pitfalls into drivers of business success.

  • Find out why IT must partner with business and citizen technologists to drive automation

  • Avoid the top 10 most common mistakes of automation initiatives

  • Get best practices across the planning, implementation and production phases of automation

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Hosted by

Jason Wong

Distinguished VP Analyst


Laurie Shotton

VP Analyst

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